Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you buy a product?
1. Select Products tab and then select Full Catalog
2. Select Add to Cart for 1 or more of products
3. For more than one product, select Continue Shopping.
4. To make purchase, select Checkout.
5. Confirm and Review that these are the products and product quantities that are required
6. Select Confirm to proceed to checkout.
7. To get PDF invoice of purchase, select "Get PDF Invoice"
8. Make purchase by using online merchant services.
2. How do you assign a product?
To assign a product to an individual user, you have to create an account for them first. Here's How: 
1. To assign products you first need to buy them.
2. Go to the Management Tab and select assign products
3. Click the Group that is your employer. Type Product Name or if you don't know the name of the products you are assigning, then click search.
4. A product list will show up. On the left side, select the single or more products that you are assigning to the individual. Using the select box
5. Once you have selected the products that you are assigning, select "Assign to Individual"
6. Type in the name of the person that you are assigning the product(s) to and select search.
7. Select the person by clicking on their name, and then select assign. If you are successful, then green wrtiing will show up that says "# item(s) are assigned"
8. An email will automatically by sent to the user that has been assigned and they will have access to the product(s).
3. How do you create a user account?
1. Select Management and then Select Account Create
2. Click "Next" on the Create Account Wizard page.
3. Fill out the user's information and give them a temporary password. Ensure that you write it down. Once all the blanks are filled, select next.
4. Fill out the Billing and Shipping Address by using the company headquarters as the location. Once completed, select next.
5. Select the "role" and account "state" that is correct for the user that you are creating. Once selected, then select Next. For more users, they will be "registered user / learner" and their state will be "enabled".
6. To review information for correctness, then click back. To create and finish user creation wizard, then click on the send notification email and finally click submit.
4. How does a user take one of the lessons that are assigned?
1. The user signs in to the Learning System by signing in. They will use their email address and assigned password. We recommend changing their password immediately.
2. Select my account and then select my products.
3. To start a lesson, select activate next to the lesson that the user will begin.
4. After activate has been selected, then click launch to begin the lesson.
5. Selecting Launch will open a new browser which will begin the lesson.
5. How does a user change their password?
There are two ways to change a users password.

Step 1:

- On the Inclusion Classroom homepage select "Already have an account? Sign in here."
- Select "Reset Your Password"
- Enter in the user email address.
- The user will receive an email in their inbox with a link to click to to the enter new password screen on the Aboriginal Human Resources Council learning password.
- Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm your new password.

The user can now sign in using their email address and new password.

Step 2:

- After signing in using a users given password, select "My Account" and then select "My Profile".
- On the "My Profile" page, select "Change Password" on the right side of the browser.
- Type in your email address to receive a password recovery.
- The user will receive an email in their inbox with a link to click to to the enter new password screen on the Aboriginal Human Resources Council learning password.
- Enter your new password and enter it again to confirm your new password.

The user can now sign in using their email address and new password.
6. Are there specific software or browser requirements to run the online programs?
System Requirements
- Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 12, Chrome 18, or Safari 5, and newer
- Adobe Acrobat Reader, free download
- Sound card and speakers are highly recommended
- High speed internet is recommended
- Browsers not listed above may not display content correctly
7. Can I download the Courses and access them offline?
The courses are accessible online only. Some of the course content, additional resources, and additional links can be accessed offline.
8. Is there a limited amount of time for accessing the Inclusion Classroom?
Once the user is assigned the course, they can wait an unlimited amount of time to launch the course.
It's recommended for users to launch the course when they plan to complete the course.
Once a user launch's a course, they have 180 days to complete the course.
9. How do I check the progress of coursework? What information can I review?
To review the progress of coursework select the Reporting tab and then select the Online Learning tab.
On this page, it's possible to view individual user's:
1) Course Start date
2) Final score 
3) Course completion
4) The length of time the course took to complete
5) The user's most recent access date.
10. To what extent is individual coursework private?
There is a high degree of privacy in the Inclusion Classroom coursework. Answers given in the individual assessments and coursework are inaccessible to administrators. Adminstrators have access only to the total score and completion of individual work. For more information about the Learning Management Software's privacy policy please review the Aboriginal Human Resource Council's Privacy Page.
11. My organization is a part of the Leadership Circle. Does our organization have preferred pricing?
If you have already worked with the AHRC, then there's a likelihood that you can use your partner code to get discounts and special pricing on courses.
To get your Partner code please contact the AHRC administrator either by phone at: 1.306.956.5392
or by email at:
12. How do you add a large number of users?
The simplest way to add a large quantity of individuals to the Inclusion Classroom is by sending an email to each individual with this information:
1) To sign up to the Inclusion Classroom through the Sign Up Page and following the sign up process.
2) IMPORTANT: Giving the individual your organizations GROUP CODE to use in the sign up process. (The GROUP CODE is important because it registers the user in the right organization in the software database). 
13. Where do I find, create, or edit a GROUP CODE?
Only Group Managers can edit, create and find organization's signup codes.
1. Select Management and then select Manage Groups.
2. Select Edit beside the group that you are looking for.
3. The fourth listing is the signup code data point. It may or may not have a code already. If it does, then use that for adding additional users. If it does not then create one and Save the profile.
14. How do I navigate the classroom portal when taking a module?
While accessing a module, select the Question mark symbol to see how the learning management system works.
15. Is there an order to the course modules?
Yes. There is a preferred order to the modules, however, one module might be more applicable to your organizations unique opportunity. The sequential order of the modules are:

1) Fundamentals of Aboriginal Inclusion

2) Indigenous Partnerships 101: Getting Started

3) Retention, Recruitment and Advancement

4) 16 Dimensions of An Aboriginal Retention Strategy

5) Aboriginal Self-Identification: Successful Practices for Canadian Companies

6) Leveraging CSR for the Inclusion Advantage: Successful Practices for Canadian Companies

16. Where can I find help with additional questions?
If you have additional questions to be answered beyond what is found here then please contact the AHRC
administrator either by phone at: 1.306.956.5392 
or by email at: